Within the next day or two, we will be setting up WordPress on your hosting to allow you to create a Launcher, a mini portfolio of your term 4 work, and a place to turn in homework and projects in an organized way.

To get started, you need to:

  • Confirm that you have hosting space and a domain name that you can use for the duration of this class (class ends December 13)
  • Bring in your username and password to get into your control panel (hostgator accounts will typically have a /cpanel address). We will use the control panel to set up a subdomain and install wordpress.
  • If you do not have hostgator or a host that uses cpanel, confirm that you know how to (and your hosting package allows you to) add a subdomain and a database. You hay have to contact your host for instructions.

Installing wordpress will not affect content you already have installed on your host.