Hi guys,  sorry I’m not in today.  You’re in good hands with Sam, who will be showing you how to use moqups.com to create fast, easy wireframes of your home page and one shop listing page. 

Here’s a great article about why wireframes are an important part of the design process, along with some great tips.

Check out some of the examples posted.

+ Work in black and white
+ Build to scale
+ Focus on typography and division of  screen real estate
+ Show the whole page; from the header to the footer
+ Use realistic content – moqups has header, paragraph and placeholder text stencils

– worry about graphical look & feel items like textures and shading
– do a messy job.  Wireframes should be neatly laid out with attention to even spacing and harmonious use of scale. 

Sign up for a free moqups.com account.   When I get back I will get you an .edu account upgrade.