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 Project Objective:

You have been hired by a local company to redesign their existing online presence, The new site should showcase the products and services they offer in a brick-and-mortar showroom.  They do not have a consistent logo and would like one designed to match the site you design for them.

Your creative expertise is needed. Content organization, page layout, and graphical interface (gui) are all up to you. You may move, add, delete, or change any existing content. You may work with all the content and images currently used in the site, or source new material. You may additionally use any stock photography/artwork in the interface design. (check licensing rules!)

Client’s Goals:

Since this is a brick-and-mortar store, the client wants to get the phone to ring and draw customers in to buy products at the showroom. They’ve gotten feedback that the site is too cluttered and confusing. The client wants to make a good first impression on customers and prove why they are the best shop in the area, and why they are a better choice than shopping online.

Requirements and milestones: (see Calendar Page)

  • Information Architecture (IA) Diagram
  • Wireframes (home page, contact page plus product listing page)
  • Two unique concepts of the homepage as photoshop comps for Client’s Approval
  • Site coded and hosted online


  1. Information Architecture (IA) Diagram:  Save as an image (.png or .jpg) and post to your homework site. Discuss your IA with “the client” after you turn it in.
  2. Wireframes: Save as an image (.png or .jpg) and post to your homework site. Discuss your wireframes  with “the client” after you turn it in.
  3. Comps: Save photoshop comps as a flattened image and post to your homework site. Participate in peer review session in class.
  4. Completed site: Upload the SITEROOT (no resources) to your homework site(ex:

Minimum Site Requirements:

  • Must contain a minimum of 10 HTML pages
  • Creative design and GUI
  • Valid, semantic HTML & CSS
  • no 404 errors on links
  • Must contain at least one appropriate use of JavaScript
  • Custom fonts properly applied
  • Must render reasonably in modern browsers on Mac & PC and 2 versions prior to the current Microsoft Browser
  • Fluid layout for readability across devices. “responsive” design is optional